Fluke 66 and Fluke 68
Infrared Thermometers

Fluke 66 & 68     66 & 68 diagram

The Fluke 66 and Fluke 68 are the ideal professional diagnostic tools for HVAC technicians performing room balance checks, electricians evaluating electrical connections and auto mechanics diagnosing catalytic converters. This handheld portable tool enables professionals to research heating and ventilation problems, monitor the status of electrical motors and electrical panels and diagnose car malfunctions with ease. They measure surface temperatures, helping to quickly locate potential blockages or malfunctioning systems reducing work time and improving performance.

The 60 series Thermometers Feature:

  • Laser guided sighting system for easy targeting with 1% accuracy
  • 12-point data logging
  • Advance optics to measure smaller targets at greater distances
  • Adjustable emissivity for more accurate temperature measurements
  • Selectable MAX, MIN, DIF and AVG functions that display values instantly with Hi/Lo Alarm.
  • Temperatures up to 760ºC (1400ºF) (68, 68IS)
  • Intrinsically Safe model available (68IS)

Included Features:

Included Features 

Optional Accessories:

  • RTD temperature probe (standard w/68IS) 32ºC to 260ºC (-25ºF to 500ºF)
  • Non-contact thermometer holster

66 & 68 Optionals

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