Temperature Probes:


Air Probe:
Air Probe

Typical sizes are 80mm, 150mm and 250mm
stem length.

Fast response, ideal for air & gas temperature.

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Insertion Probe:


Type K & T, SS, 1.5mm diameter x 100mm - chisel point
Max. temperature is 300°C
Handle 2M curly cable and miniture thermocouple plug

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Surface Probe:

Surface Probe
Typical size is 150mm straight
and right angle stem length.

Fast response, rugged & reliable

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Surface Probe:

Right Angle
  • Type K , right angle, 15mm dia x 100mm
    Max. temperature 500°C
    Handle 2M curly cable and miniature thermocouple plug

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    Stab Probe:
    Stab Probe

    Typical sizes are 150mm, 250mm,
    and 300mm stem length

    Ideal for food temperature
    developed for meat & small-goods

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    Liquid Probe:
    Liquid Probe

    Typical sizes are 80mm, 150mm, 200mm stem length

    Suitable for semi-solids too

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    Reduced Tip:
    Reduced Tip

    Typical sizes are 150mm and 300mm stem length

    Originally designed for bitumen temperature

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