GCTU-CMH-PTY SF6 Analyser (Mains/AC Operated)

The SF6 Analyser GCTU-CMH-PTY is the latest addition in Alpha Moisture Systems' range of specialist SF6 analysers for the application of sampling moisture and SF6 purity in gas insulated switchgear (GIS), circuit breakers and transformers.
This highly portable unit weighing only 25kg incorporates a high accuracy chilled mirror and purity analyser.
It is simply operated by connecting a single sample hose to the GCTU-CMH-PTY from the SF6 installation where then the user will set the flow rate on the unit and take readings from the dewpoint and purity displays as the SF6 gas is collected in the large internal vessel.
When the collection vessel is full, the user will simply "pump-back" the sample to the installation via the internal motor.
This only takes a few minutes making the SF6 analyser ready quickly to continue sampling on other installations, thus saving user time.

This method of SF6 sampling has been developed to recycle the entire sample, giving a zero effect to the installation and protecting the environment by eliminating any discharge to atmosphere.
Because SF6 is a significant "greenhouse gas", special precautions must be adopted when routine sampling analysis is undertaken.

SF6 Analyser with chilled mirror and SF6 purity
  • Unlimited fill/discharge cycles
  • 12 bar (175 PSIG) maximum back fill pressure
  • User friendly operation with built-in fail safe features
  • Supplied ready for use with a high quality stainless steel braided PTFE sample hose
  • Extra strong IP66 (NEMA 4) rugged transportation case: retractable handle & tough in-line wheels
  • Integrated 3 stage Chilled Mirror Dewpoint Hygrometer with SF6 purity analyser
  • Process pressure indicator
  • Sample flow indicator
  • Constant analysis pressure control
  • Large internal collection vessel
  • Automatic shut down when collection vessel full / evacuated
  • Simple operation without disconnecting sample line
  • High integrity discharge pump with output capability up to 12 bar
Dewpoint Analysis
  • Sensor type: 3 stage chilled mirror sensor.
  • Measuring range: -58ºF to +68ºF (-50ºC to +20ºC) dewpoint
SF6 Purity
  • Sensor type: Katharometer
  • Range: 0 - 100%, Accuracy: ±0.5%
Power Supply
  • 100/120VAC or 200/240VAC
  • 50/60Hz 

PDFGCTU-CMH-PTY SF6 Analyser Datasheet