Model 6020 Online Dewpoint Hygrometer 

The Model 6020 has been developed to be the next level of online dewpoint hygrometers.
This unit has a large amount of advanced features, many of which are software functions accessed via the display's menus, should the user wish to make advanced field adjustments.
The Model 6020 is the most versatile addition to the Alpha Moisture Systems' range of trace moisture Online Dewpoint Hygrometers, distributed throughout Australia by KD Instruments.
The sensor is of Aluminium Oxide design, an industry leading technology and is ATEX certified for intrinsic safety so can be used in hazardous environments when installed with a suitable Zener barrier in the "safe" area.
Optional External Logging to PC software is compatible with Windows XP®, Windows Vista® or Windows 7®, 8 and Windows 10® (32bit). For 64bit versions, please contact KD Instruments.

Model 6020 Online Dewpoint Hygrometer
  • Panel mounting
  • User friendly operation
  • Overall sensor ranges available between -110ºC to +20ºC (-166ºF to +68ºF)
  • Calibration Certificate traceable to International Humidity Standards
  • On-board pressure dewpoint calculator, including data for Natural Gas
  • Automatic Calibration (AutoCal) adjustment to maintain accuracy between laboratory calibrations
  • Selectable units in ºC, ºF dewpoint, ppm(v), ppb(v), g/m3, lbs/MMSCF
  • Molecular mass pre-loaded for ppm(wt) in common gases and can be entered for other gases
  • 2 fully programmable alarms with relays
  • RS485 port for digital output of measured value
  • Front panel IP54 rated
  • Hot Key function for rapid menu access
  • Ex certified sensor for Hazardous Area use (via Zener barrier in Safe Area)
  • Sensor cable length can be up to 1km
  • Variable supply voltage AC or DC


PDFModel 6020 Online Dewpoint Hygrometer Datasheet for full specifications.