Alpha Moisture Systems

KD Instruments have recently been awarded distributor rights in Australia for an exciting range of Alpha Moisture Systems products.
Their broad selection of dewpoint meters and hygrometers encompass an overall range from +20ºC to -110ºC dewpoint, or 23,000 parts per million down to nearly 1 part per billion.
The range of user-friendly AM Systems instrumentation, meters and sampling systems meets the needs and requirements demanded by the industry.
Alpha Moisture Systems' capability to design and prototype in-house enables the manufacture of bespoke equipment, catering to specific requirements and specifications.

Using only quality components, to the highest standards and specifications - to comply with their ISO 9001:2008 accredited quality system - means all products come with a generous warranty and guaranteed reliability and performance.

Portable Dewpoint Meters


SADP mini dewpoint meter

 Designed for industrial users to consistently provide accurate and repeatable results.

 SADP mini

SADP mini-Ex


Dewpoint Transmitters


AMT Dewpoint Transmitter

Configured to output a linear, isolated, 4-20mA signal for the chosen range.

Model AMT

Model AMT-Ex 

Online Hygrometers


     DS1200-AMT-Ex Online Dewpoint Hygrometer

For any application requiring on-line analysis at a single sample point.

 Model DS1200-AMT

Model DS1200-AMT-Ex

Model 6020 

SF6 Analysers


SF6 Analyser GCTU-B

Portable, battery operated and environmentally-friendly solution to SF6 analysis and recyling. 





 Dewpoint Sample Systems


     Dewpoint Sample Systems

Dewpoint sample systems are made to measure.

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Service Calibration


Service Calibration


KD Instruments offer complete Calibration Services to ensure your equipment remains accurate.

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