Wireless Gateways - 105G-X / 905G-X

    Wireless Gateways connect to popular process control and automation Data Buses and convert I/O information to ELPRO's proven WIB-net wireless protocol

Typical Applications

Wirelessly connect PLC's on a new machine to an existing factory automation LAN
Interface different automation LAN's in different sections of a plant
Connect different protocol devices into a common wireless network
Use ELPRO Wireless I/O units as remote I/O for PLC's




  • Wireless extension of factory automation buses such as Profibus and Ethernet, providing a high security firewall
  • Interconnect different data buses - Wireless protocol conversion
  • Interface between PLC's, DCS, HMI or SCADA and ELPRO wireless I/O units 
  • High security data encryption
  • Automatic acknowledgment and error-correction,
  • Peer to peer addressing, and Multiple path routing
  • Connects to data bus at full bus speed (e.g. 12Mb/s for Profibus, 100Mb/s for Ethernet)
  • Can interconnect master-slave, slave - slave and master - master.
  • Interconnects different data buses - wireless protocol conversion.
  • Provides a peer-to-peer wireless network using WIB-net.
  • High security data encryption.
  • Automatic acknowledgement and error - correction.
  • Multiple path routing.
  • Eight on-board discrete I/O, individually configurable as input or output.
  • I/O expansion using serial I/O units.
  • Network configuration is performed with easy-to-use free software.
  • Wide range power supply options. integral back-up battery charging feature.