Unidirectional I/O units                                                105U-L, 905U-L


The Unidirectional Wireless I/O range of products is suitable for connecting to a single sensor or group of sensors and provides an economical solution for remote monitoring systems. They can also be used in more complex networks as signal transmitters or receivers.

Typical Applications

General purpose monitoring or control applications


  • two digital/pulse inputs, one analog input and one thermocouple/mV input 
  • WIB-net intelligent wireless protocol, peer-to-peer communications; exception reporting; reliable self-checking messages; highly secure data encryption.
  • set-point status on analog input and thermocouple available as an "internal" input
  • internal monitoring and alarm on low supply voltage - this alarm can be transmitted by radio. 
  • easily configured to repeat the transmission several times to ensure that the transmission is received correctly.
  • used in conjunction with Multi I/O and Data Bus Interface units which act as receiver units.

905U-L - Using 900MHz spread spectrum -suitable for  North & South America, Australia / NZ, parts of Asia, parts of Middle East and Africa

                                 Unidirectional I/O Units