Gems UCL-210 Series

 continuous Level Transmitter


  • Accuracy 0.25% resolution 3mm
  • Sensor PVDF Housing Polypropylene IP65
  • 2 Wire 4-20mA  supply 12-36V DC
  • Pulse rate 3 per second 201010 -2 per sec 201011
  • Temperature range -40+60C
  • Pressures to 2 bar

The two wire UCL 210 series level transmitters are mounted through the top  of small or bulk tanks  for non contact continuous level measurement. They are ideal for measuring intermediate bulk containers, day tanks, process vessels, plating lines and waste sumps.

The Gems non contact technology makes them suitable for ultra pure, dirty, coating, scaling, or corrosive materials. Examples include ink, UP water, brine, acids and wastewater. The low range unit has an ultra compact 3/4 NPT connection, while the 210001 is 2 inch NPT.

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