Submersible Level Transmitter

Platypus Level Transmitter 

  • Calibrated ranges from 1m to 170m WG
  • Extremely rugged 316SS construction of Plastic Body for saline or brackish water
  • Configurations to suit most applications
  • Readily repairable at low cost
  • Sensor and system lightning protection option
  • Low operating voltage
  • Internal SMD transmitter option
  • Accuracy better than 0.5% (system)
  • Submersible to 100m (appropriate versions)

Lightning Protection- The internal-LP option protects the sensor and is fitted in the housing (cannot use with internal TX). To protect the output side (4-20mA loop) the PLATYPUS - ELP is used (this device is built into PL-TX-DIN as standard). It should be fitted adjacent to the device it is protecting - and one would be fitted at each end of a vulnerable loop.

TX - internal 2 wire transmitter in head

HE- Plastic body and wetted parts [SS support cable is optional]

LP- Internal Lightning Protection device - added to type SG only - must be earthed on installation

SG- Strain gauge 4W output from sensor head with external transmitter [standard configuration]

TXP- internal transmitter, 1/2 BSP process connection and Bendix plug- electrical connection

The Platypus is a very rugged submersible transmitter using high integrity seals which can retain 100% effectiveness on reassembly. It it simple and modular, allowing economic rebuilds fast . The Plastic HE version can be supplied with no metallic components exposed to the medium. Because of the construction the HE has a minimum span of 5M WG.